Well who doesn’t like to match a pair of cool shades with the evolving fashion? Sunglasses for every mood, biking, skiing, desert driving, and how about the ones during beach volley! Ahmed same like many of us, is super trendy, cool & sporty and makes sure for his every mood and attire he has the right sunglasses. But hang on, for such a huge sunglasses collection I hope Ahmed is not ending up buying by those sunglasses with cheap tinted lenses. Or, maybe he keeps the best one at home, hoping to not lose them at the beach or park. Whatever might be the reason do we all really understand what sunglasses are actually meant for? Apart from making us look cool & trendy, sunglasses foremost is a protective eyewear.

Often high-quality sunglasses are perceived as expensive which diverts a buyer’s interest towards those cheap sunglasses that looks almost similar but may be is harmful for your eyes.

The key factors that must be considered before buying sunglasses are firstly, UV Protection. We all are aware of the harmful ultra-violet rays of sun which causes several health hazards. Sunglasses that doesn’t block the UV rays 100% can cause long term eye damage & even permanent vision loss. Don’t assume that just because there is a sticker on the lenses saying “UV block”, the cheap sunglasses are actually providing that level of protection. As we all know, in real bright light conditions we tend to squeeze our eyes and our pupils naturally constrict and decreases in diameter, allowing lesser light ray to enter the eye. But in case someone is wearing a dark sunglass the pupil size instead of constricting considerably increases in size, allowing more light rays to enter. If in this situation the sunglasses worn doesn’t give 100% UV protection then the over exposure to UV rays cause harmful effects on eye.

Secondly, optical quality of the sun lenses. Unlike the high quality sunglasses, the cheap sunglasses fail to provide clear vision, because of the lens material used, its poor optical properties and lens coatings. As a result long time usage might lead to eye strain and headache.

Thirdly, since the lens material used is cheap, these sunglasses also fail to provide optimum resistance from high impact. Majority of them do not meet the international standards of safety of impact resistance.

High quality sunglasses might appear expensive at first, but the long term investment that a buyer does in terms of UV protection, visual clarity & comfort and above all protection from dust & foreign bodies is unparalleled.

Be aware & avoid opting for cheap sunglasses that offer cheap solutions!