Proper eyewear is key to avoid injury.

OPTICA, a leading eyewear boutique in Bahrain, which offers a broad range of high quality exclusive frames, sunglasses, prescription lenses, contact lenses and safety eyewear. for individuals to protect them from situations and workplaces that can pose risk to workers.

According to Pushpita Sengupta Patel, the General Manager of Optica, proper safety eyewear protects wearers from the most hazardous situations, adding using authentic standardized safety eyewear which can significantly decrease risks of suffering a devastating occupational eye injury.

she recommends companies to make an annual vision checkup for their employees mandatory. In addition, to ensuring that safety eyewear with other necessary safety gears are rigorously used on the work floor.


I was introduced to contact lenses by my optometrist in 2009, since then there have not been a single day that I did not wear my contact lenses. Contact lenses gave me confidence, clarity & lot more. It helped me excel in my career and at the same time pursue my hobbies without any visual disturbances.

I must say that I have been always very sincere in taking care of my contact lenses and follow religiously the lens care regimen daily.

Right Eyewear Can avert injury

Occupational eye injury can cause lasting and permanent vision damage, potentially disabling a worker for life. However, an estimated 90% of eye injuries can be prevented by using proper protective eyewear, according to the leading Safety & Health authorities globally.

Protective eyewear includes safety glasses, goggles, face shields and side shields designed for specific activities. Proper safety eyewear protects wearers from most hazards. Common hazards include chemicals, corneal flash burns, pollen, dust, and the blunt force of large objects.


We often encounter parents who still consider sunglasses primarily as a fashion accessory instead of a protective eyewear. So, buying a pair of sunglasses for their little ones often gets ignored.

Since children spend much more time outdoors than most adults do, sunglasses that block 100% of the sun’s harmful ultraviolet (UV) rays are extra important for children.

Block only the harmful portion – Blue Light!


Blue Light is everywhere around us, the primary source being the Sun, should we really worry about it?

Lets’ go through some facts & myths about Blue Light.


Firstly, what is blue Light?

It is a type of visible light with shorter wavelengths and more energy than light at the other end of the color spectrum. The sun is the primary source of blue light. However, blue light also comes from computers, tablets and smartphones, fluorescent lights, LED lights, Television screens, etc.


Well who doesn’t like to match a pair of cool shades with the evolving fashion? Sunglasses for every mood, biking, skiing, desert driving, and how about the ones during beach volley! Ahmed same like many of us, is super trendy, cool & sporty and makes sure for his every mood and attire he has the right sunglasses. But hang on, for such a huge sunglasses collection I hope Ahmed is not ending up buying by those sunglasses with cheap tinted lenses. Or, maybe he keeps the best one at home, hoping to not lose them at the beach or park. Whatever might be the reason do we all really understand what sunglasses are actually meant for? Apart from making us look cool & trendy, sunglasses foremost is a protective eyewear.