Proper eyewear is key to avoid injury.

OPTICA, a leading eyewear boutique in Bahrain, which offers a broad range of high quality exclusive frames, sunglasses, prescription lenses, contact lenses and safety eyewear. for individuals to protect them from situations and workplaces that can pose risk to workers.

According to Pushpita Sengupta Patel, the General Manager of Optica, proper safety eyewear protects wearers from the most hazardous situations, adding using authentic standardized safety eyewear which can significantly decrease risks of suffering a devastating occupational eye injury.

she recommends companies to make an annual vision checkup for their employees mandatory. In addition, to ensuring that safety eyewear with other necessary safety gears are rigorously used on the work floor.

In this regard, Optica offers a professional vision check-up and strives to protect individuals’ eyes from impact, airborne debris, chemicals, and harmful radiation as a priority.

“Our specialised team of optometrists conduct vision test and recommend safety eyewear specific to the occupational hazards that an individual might face. Thereby ensuring a comfortable and strong protective eyewear which makes one see clear and feel secure,” says Patel.

The boutique, whose name has become synonymous with professional and advanced eye care, has four decades of rich history of winning over millions of happy customers. It has achieved this through a warm and friendly service philosophy and extensive portfolio of products.

Patel says: “Providing our customers with affordable choice without compromising on quality, functionality or design is our objective. The impeccable standards of service provided by our dedicated and qualified optometrists prove every day that when it comes to eye care, we help you ‘see the world better’.”


Its safe and secure eyewear provide clear vision, gap-free fit, personal comfort, modern styling, anti-fog performance, and value for money.

Its protective eyewear meanwhile includes safety glasses, goggles, face shields and side shields designed for specific activities.


Optica has strived to maintain operations during the ongoing pandemic. “During the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, while keeping up with the new normal, we have ensured that we reach out to consumers in case they have difficulty in reaching our stores,” says Patel.

The boutique has also introduced special anti-fog safety goggles by Carl Zeiss, especially for healthcare sectors.


Optica has stores in Bahrain and Qatar. In Bahrain, the stores are located in Adliya, Arad, Bab Al Bahrain, Busaiteen, Bahrain Mall, Bahrain City Center, Isa Town Mall, Hamad Town, Seef Mall District, Seef Mall Muharraq, Golden Sands, Enma Mall and East Riffa. In Qatar, the stores are in Doha Festival City and Doha City Center.