While Optica’s vision is clearly focused on customers, at the heart of our practice is a skilled and qualified team, trained in the latest technology and committed to making your visit the most effective possible. Our friendly, polite and helpful staff aim to make your every experience with us an enjoyable one, from a simple eye test to providing you with the best vision care, they will guide you to make choices that best fit your lifestyle.


At Optica we invest in the newest technologies from leading vision care providers to bring you the best and most precise facilities.
Using advanced mathematical algorithms and referencing over 2,500 points on the eye, the Zeiss i.Profiler creates a prescription that accounts for more than 20 variables that affect your vision.
Mr. Blue 2.0 is an electronic device that expands the possibilities in lens edging techniques and creating personal shapes for every customer’s preferences.
i.Teminal by Zeiss takes unique measurements for the frame to sit on the contours of your face to produce the perfect pair of customized lenses. The enhanced mirror allows you to see yourself in the frame of your choice for superior fitting accuracy.

With the ZEISS VISUFIT 1000 Platform you can achieve new levels of precision, speed, service and convenience – making the future of buying glasses real now.