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The Team

While Optica’s vision is clearly focused on customers, at the heart of our practice is a skilled and qualified team, trained in the latest technology and committed to making your visit the most effective possible. Our friendly, polite and helpful staff aim to make your every experience with us an enjoyable one, from a simple eye test to providing you with the best vision care, they will guide you to make choices that best fit your lifestyle.

The Technology

At Optica we invest in the newest technologies from leading vision care providers to bring you the best and most precise facilities.

Using advanced mathematical algorithms and referencing over 2,500 points on the eye, the Zeiss i.Profiler creates a prescription that accounts for more than 20 variables that affect your vision.

Mr. Blue 2.0 is an electronic device that expands the possibilities in lens edging techniques and creating personal shapes for every customer’s preferences.

i.Teminal by Zeiss takes unique measurements for the frame to sit on the contours of your face to produce the perfect pair of customized lenses. The enhanced mirror allows you to see yourself in the frame of your choice for superior fitting accuracy.

It has been a wonderful journey of more than 25 years at Optica. I have grown from strength to strength – My journey from a salesman to a branch manager and today I am the Operations Supervisor in Qatar. Optica has always welcomed talent and helped to develop our skills and potential while giving us the opportunity to get involved in diverse projects.  The culture encourages and supports to widen one’s scope of learning. Its nothing like the corporate world, it’s like a family. For which, I will always thank Optica.

Hussain Shaikh Daud , Operations Supervisor, Qatar

Working at Optica is a pleasure and a privilege. I joined as the first woman branch manager and the past 12 years have been a learning curve, allowing for my personal and professional growth. The management is always motivating and all employees are treated with respect. If you want to work in an exciting and encouraging environment, if you want to be challenged, then work here! I get a sense of purpose because the product and service offerings paired together are unbeatable and truly help us build long lasting relationships with our clients.

Minda, Branch Manager, Optica City Centre Bahrain

From 1996, until now I have been working in Optica. I like the friendly yet professional environment, which allows me to grow professionally and on a personal level. Recently, I received an awesome customer satisfaction compliment on our Facebook page and it was so nice to read! I know I am working in a company that truly cares for its employees and customers so I am proud to be a part of Optica

Abdul Rasheed Shanavas, Deputy Branch Manager, Bahrain

I started working at Optica in 2005 and have enjoyed the journey since. I feel blessed to be a part of a company that has no limitations for growth and encourages self-development. There are lots I am thankful for and am indeed fortunate to be a part of Optica in Qatar.

Jane Sarah F. Barrientos, Optometrist, Qatar

Back in 1988, I joined Optica as a when the company director Mr.Mohamed Al Hasan gave me an opportunity to join the Bahrain Optician journey. Working at OPTICA is a great pleasure  anda privilege.  The management  is down to  earth and genuine. My choice is based only in two things; the  people an the  work, and  at  Optica  I get a positive  atmosphere  at  all  levels.

Elena Feliciano, Supply Chain Team Leader